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DSL internet service is now available!

If you need high speed (broadband) internet service we now have DSL service for the area. We have certified installers and equipment in our warehouse ready to install. We handle ALL the paperwork and the installation. Call Ken at 530 846-2289 ext.13, and get all the details for your setup.  Click here for more information or to buy!

IMPORTANT Information about the Internet and E-Mail Please Read This!

There are numerous Internet scams and e-mail hoaxes in circulation -- some are relatively harmless, like well-meaning petitions that don't accomplish anything except take up space in e-mail in-boxes. Others are just plain ludicrous, like the perennial "Send this e-mail to all your friends so Microsoft/Walt Disney/America Online can track addresses and pay you $$ for each address" message or the "Internet Cleaning Day" warning. We've all seen "WORK FROM HOME AND MAKE BIG $$$!!!" (The senders of these e-mails assume we won't take them seriously unless they type with the CAPS LOCK on.) The most devious breed of 'Net scams are those that try to fleece you via your credit card.

Exploring all that the Internet has to offer can be great fun, but it pays to have some "street smarts" when you surf. Here are some rules for the wise:

  1. Be careful about giving out financial or personal information. Don't provide bank account numbers, credit card numbers, social security number or other personal information unless you know the company is legitimate and the information is necessary for the transaction.
  2. Do business with companies you know and trust. Be sure you know who the company is and where it is physically located. For example, resolving problems with businesses in another part of the world can be complicated by long-distance or cross-border transactions.
  3. Don't judge reliability by appearances. Anyone can create, register and promote a Web site; it's relatively easy and inexpensive to make slick-looking Web pages.
  4. Be cautious of any company that asks for money to make money (such as fees for registration, materials or instructions).
  5. Be wary of bulk e-mail or spam solicitations. Before you reply to that offer that sounds too good to be true, check out the Federal Trade Commission's "Dirty Dozen" list of well-known e-mail scams.
  6. Resist the urge to forward online petitions and other e-mail hoaxes. These messages would be harmless if these they weren't so long (with all the headers from multiple recipients) and end up hogging space on mail servers and networks everywhere. Every time you forward a message like this, you're creating a 'net "traffic jam," much like rubber-necking on the freeway. Don't send them, delete them.
  7. Learn the truth about urban legends. Truth is stranger than fiction, but urban legends are an in-box nuisance. Read the real deal about kidney transfers and false FCC charges for Internet use here.

Helping families surf safely on the Internet

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