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Useful Utilities and where to find them

How to find updates and utilities, try these links and also check the links on our More Links page

Block what you want when you want for FREE!

We-Blocker FREE Internet Filtering Software

Optimize you Computer

The Best PC Optimizer!

FINALLY!  Surf the web without those annoying pop-up windows!

StopPops is the revolutionary software product that optimizes your Internet connection to eliminate those annoying pop-up ads and windows while you surf the web. It stops these windows dead in their tracks, speeding up your browsing speed and keeping you focused on what you're looking for. Better yet, StopPops still lets you view the pop-up windows if you choose - it only stops the ones you don't want to see

Before StopPops                         After StopPops


Hear Who's Calling While You're On-Line!


Net Nanny 3.1

Net Nanny 4

Net Nanny 4  is your tool to gain control of the Internet. It gives you the power and the choice over what comes in or goes out of your homes via the Internet. You have the ability to decide which web sites are appropriate and which aren’t because all lists are open for you to customize. Some other features include complete activity logs, choice of actions if a violation occurs, control over how long children can be on-line, and free list updates with no monthly subscription fees.



We hope this helps you with your search for Microsoft products and utilities. These are all free to registered Microsoft users.

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