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Here are some more utility programs and other information.

   E-Mail     Virus Checking Software     Y2K Checking Software     Memory Manager Software 

 Test Connections    Switching your account to West Coast Internet Service Provider

  Internet Call Wav Software  NeoTrace

The Best PC Optimizer!

 We-Blocker FREE Internet Filtering Software

Block what you want when you want!

FINALLY!  Surf the web without those annoying pop-up windows!

StopPops is the revolutionary software product that optimizes your Internet connection to eliminate those annoying pop-up ads and windows while you surf the web. It stops these windows dead in their tracks, speeding up your browsing speed and keeping you focused on what you're looking for. Better yet, StopPops still lets you view the pop-up windows if you choose - it only stops the ones you don't want to see

Before StopPops                         After StopPops


 Net Nanny 3.1

Setting up your e-mail account at WCISP.Com

Your e-mail address is: username@WCISP.Com

To log in to your mail server you need to contact us at 846-2289 for your proper login-name 

Also make sure that there are NO spaces in your e-mail address or anything AFTER "@WCISP.Com" please omit the quotation marks.

Your SMTP server is: Mail.WCISP.Com

Your POP3 server is: Mail.WCISP.Com

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For FREE virus checking and removal click on the picture below

To return you must point your browser to WWW.Gridley.Net.

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#1 rated Year 2000 check utility download for windows95, 98 computers, click HERE

Other Y2K utilities click HERE

To return you must point your browser to WWW.Gridley.Net.

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Memory Manager

Silicon Prairie Software (tm)

The safe, effective, and easy way to boost your system's performance! Recovers memory leakage! Helps you computer run faster, better, and more efficiently!

This program carries our highest recommendation, every computer should run this program! click here

To return you must point your browser to WWW.Gridley.Net.

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Connection Test

Go to this page to see you connection rate. To return you must point your browser to WWW.Gridley.Net

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Switching to a West Coast Internet Service Provider connection phone number

The easiest way to switch to our NEW national service is to call us and we will help you do it over the phone! If you want to try doing it yourself here are the instructions:

After you have the local dial-up number you want to use. 531-1365 for Biggs and Gridley, 216-1365 for Live Oak, Marysville, Sutter, Yuba City

Make a new dial-up connection or modify your existing dial-up connection by doing the following:

  1. enter the new local dial-up number

  2. change you logon name to either:


  3. Your password will NOT change!

  4. Make sure your email is set to

  5. Your POP3 mail server is or if you have a hosted site from us.

  6. Your SMTP mail server is

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Internet Call Wav Software

Hear Who's Calling While You're On-Line!

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Neo Trace

Demo program to show routes your connection takes to get to a page on the Internet. Shows where the delays are and who is responsible for the slow down on the Internet. Easy to use and install. If you like this kind of information it is worth registering and getting the full program. 


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Helping families surf safely on the Internet

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